International Tattoo Convention

Data și ora:
60 - 250 Ron

Piața Consiliul Europei 2, Timișoara 300254, România


Welcome to Timisoara International Tattoo Convention, a great international tattoo scene meeting place in Romania! 
TITC is all about tattooing & tattoos, music & art, graffiti, fire show, extreme sports, urban lifestyle, meeting new people and much more!
Getting a tattoo is a personal experience that will stay with you for a lifetime, therefore we think it’s important it should be done right.
This is your opportunity to get a tattoo with an artist from anywhere in the world, with traditional techniques or specialized in a style of tattooing such as realism, traditional or Japanese among others.
You can attend to find inspiration, ideas or the latest trends, enjoy live art and if you feel like it, get tattooed too!
Check out all the artists online on and contact them for an appointment!
You will also have the opportunity to discover a vibrant city since Timisoara is gonna be the European Capital of Culture 2023.